6 Top Tips From Cyber Experts for Securing Your Organization’s Data

By Jessica Robinson via Iris.xyz

This summer, the team at ffVC hosted our Insight Forum: Spotlight on Cybersecurity, a panel event gathering top cyber experts for a wide-ranging discussion on the current and future states of cybersecurity. Topics ranged from how organizations and consumers can mitigate vulnerability to the future of attacks related to IoT devices, blockchain and cryptocurrency, autonomous vehicles, and more.

Here we’ve distilled the discussion into six key insights for your organization as you consider ramping up cybersecurity-preparedness. Check out the video above or here to see the panel discussion in full.

1. Basic Education | Educate everyone within your organization about the risks and best practices for computing in the age of near-constant cyber attacks.

Because of the fast-changing and complex nature of attacks, it can be quite difficult to keep a team of tens, hundreds, or thousands up-to-date and educated on proper security measures. Our panel agreed that one of the most glaring threats to an organization of any size and in any industry is a simple lack of basic cybersecurity education. We’re not talking about a detailed knowledge of technical concepts; many don’t even know how to create a secure password.

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