6 Events That Could Shape Markets in Second Half of 2017

By Columbia Threadneedle via Iris.xyz

The first half of the year may have provided some stability for investors around the world. But while the rest of the year holds plenty of opportunities, some key events could cause uncertainty and even volatility.

The opening months of 2017 brought some relief to the markets when mainstream candidates won two important elections in the Netherlands and France. But the sense of stability did not last long. In a surprise U.K. election held June 8, the ruling Conservative Party lost its majority in Parliament. And this has seeded fresh doubts about Britain’s political stability, raising important questions on how it will navigate the complex process of negotiating Brexit.

The future of the U.K. isn’t the only issue that could cause uncertainty between now and 2018.There are six other upcoming events that advisors and investors should keep an eye on for potential risks and opportunities.

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