5 Things to Do Before Implementing a Robo-Advisor Strategy

By Marina Grindle via Iris.xyz

Robo-advising technologies are gaining more and more traction, and how to effectively market them has become a question many financial advisors are asking. Marketing robo-platforms is tricky because you want to highlight the advances of technology, while also emphasizing your own value.

Here are five things to do before implementing a robo-advisor strategy:

Understand the different types of robo-advising technology

Not all robos are built the same, and deciphering which platform is best for you is the first step in implementing these strategies. This article does a good job of laying out the basic types of robo-technology options. Here is a quick synopsis:

  • For advisors looking for complete customization and maximum control, you can build a robo advisor from scratch. The cons of this option are that it is the most costly and will require professional help from an IT expert.

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