By Sonya Dreizler via

Impact investing drives social and environmental progress through investments, while screening for risk and creating competitive returns.

Millennials and women clients are often credited with driving the recent growth in popularity of this type of investing, but recent polling shows most clients are interested in ESG and other types of impact investing. If you’re new to the impact investing landscape, you can find a short primer on the vocabulary and acronyms here.  Below are five impact investing trends I’ve seen emerge in 2017.

1. Measurement of Impact

Impact investors increasingly embrace the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals(also known as “SDGs”) as a framework for orienting and measuring impact.

2. Consolidation

Mutual fund family, and major name in the SRI world, Calvert was acquired by Eaton Vance; another fund family with a long SRI history, Pax World was purchased by Impax, and impact money manager First Affirmative was acquired by Folio Institutional.

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