5 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself (and Your Clients) From Cyber Attacks

By John Visack via Iris.xyz

“Hacking” is nothing new. That’s the first thing to remember. The second thing to remember is this: you will be hacked—it’s only a question of when. Today, cyber criminals are the true “stranger danger” in a world where one of our most valuable assets is the personal information we share and store online.

Cybersecurity took the spotlight again last month when Equifax announced a breach that exposed the Social Security numbers and other personal information of at least 143 million Americans. The totality of the scope was breathtaking; but were any of us surprised?  The list of companies and agencies that expose our data is growing so fast, we’re becoming desensitized to how serious of a concern this has become. Whether the hack took place using a sophisticated exploit that the company was aware of, or old fashioned social engineering where the password was guessed correctly; there is a chance that these and future hacks will affect you—and your clients.

When I started working in technology over 20 years ago, the World Wide Web was relatively new, and everything about it was incredibly exciting. Sure, there were hackers out there, but the targets were large organizations that had the software, secrets, and access criminals desperately wanted.  The rest of the industry focused on finding value in this exciting new tool, and the riches that could come from connecting or servicing this new digital frontier.

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