5 Easy Steps to Help Your Clients Plan for 2018

By Peter Anderson via Iris.xyz

One year ago, the idea that the bull market would continue its run was far from the conventional wisdom.

A new and controversial president was taking office who promised protectionism, closed borders and higher tariffs. Most analysts predicted that a Trump presidency would be a mixed bag, at best, for the markets.

But, here we stand, a bull market still running strongly, with the S&P 500 up almost 20 percent in the last year, a message on its own for anyone who thinks they can outsmart the market. With that in mind, isn’t it only natural that some profit-taking will cause a pause in the markets sometime in 2018?

Alas, if only we all knew that, investing would be a lot simpler exercise. But, there are steps your clients can take to put themselves in position, no matter what direction investments go in 2018. In addition to looking back on the year and recalibrating for the next one, it is a great opportunity for you to connect with your clients and demonstrate the value you bring them.

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