4 Financial Actions to Implement This Summer

By Michael Kay via Iris.xyz

Why wait until the cold bleak months of December to make a New Year’s resolution?

When summer hits, our moods brighten, our excitement heightens, and we’re more inclined to be active—physically or mentally. Summer is the best season for New Year’s resolutions because you have the warmth and sun to promote that connectedness between thought and action. We all know no one wants to think connectedness when we’re shivering and stuck inside.

Make this summer your most productive one yet by promoting a sense of excitement, accomplishment and momentum as you move into the autumn months to close out the year successfully. Then, when winter rolls around, you’ve already had six active and productive months behind you.

Money habits are often at the top of resolution lists. Many people are dissatisfied with their level of saving, uncontrolled spending, and inability to gain control over their money.

Following are 4 action items you should take to help you jump into your new mindset.

Resolution: Gain Control Over Your Money and Spending Decisions

Feeling out of control is unsettling and frustrating, and it’s easy to fall into this terrible state of mind when it comes to money.

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