3 Actionable Tips to Become SEC Examination Ready

By Brian Young via Iris.xyz

Over the summer, we heard rumblings that the SEC was conducting unannounced examinations on RIAs in the Boston area. While we have certainly seen a significant uptick in the examinations of never before examined advisors, none of which have been unannounced. Regardless if it is a routine exam or unannounced, it is best practice for advisors to stay examination ready regardless of location or if registered with the SEC or applicable State(s). As we preach to our clients, make sure you take proactive measures to become “examination ready”. Don’t wait until the SEC or a state level examiner comes knocking at your door!

Here are three (3) actionable tips to consider:

1. Customize your Compliance Program

We see far too many advisors that think they are “plain vanilla” and therefore think they can get by with a generic compliance manual (Wrong!). Most firms do not create their compliance manual from a blank page. They start with a model document to address the broad regulatory structure and industry requirements. Although, a model document is a good starting point, it does not amount to a finished product. RIAs need to know that a one-size-fits-all compliance manual does not exist and no consultant or legal resource knows the firm better than the people actually operating it on a daily basis. The creation of a firm specific compliance manual should include three broad steps:

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