2019’s Best Life Insurance Companies: Evaluated by Agents Who Know

By Brad Cummins via Iris.xyz

Who are the best life insurance companies in 2019? With so many insurers in the marketplace today, it’s really impossible to say that there is just one best. Let’s be honest – you’ve probably seen a lot of articles online that tell you who the best life insurance company is.

But the problem with these articles is that most of them are written by bloggers and media sites that have never actually interacted or worked with any of these carriers – ever.

Our Evaluation Method – Or, Why One Insurance Company is Better than the Rest

A key benefit to taking advice from an independent life insurance agent is that we are not a blogger or a consumer review website where just one bad conversation can cause someone to leave a disgruntled review about an insurance company.

We work with more than 40 life insurance carriers on a daily basis, so we know what to look for. We also know how to navigate the company’s underwriting guidelines to find the best company for you – we know better than to try and make up some overall general, one-size-fits-all assessment and say that one insurer is better than another one.

After all, how can someone tell you what the best life insurance provider is for you before they even know what it is that you need?

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