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Taking of moving from the concept of a Universal Basic Income to money without government to tokens to credits, I’ve been reading a fascinating book recently on Star Trek’s economics called Trekonomics. 

Released in 2016, I thought it would be some frivolous Trekkie’s drooling over the wonder of the Federation’s Galaxies but, instead, it is actually a pretty fundamental analysis of the possible economics of the future. I really enjoyed it and realised why I’m such a fan of Star Trek which is, fundamentally, that it portrays a Utopian vision of the future rather than a Dystopian vision.

Star Wars is dystopian, where everyone is at war with everyone else; Star Trek is utopian, portraying a vision of tomorrow that is far more positive and optimistic. But, in tomorrow’s vision, no one pays for anything, no one has to work, everyone focuses upon the future and the betterment of humanity. I love this.

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