By Chris Oretes via

Your clients are living longer and, for many of them, that’s a very good thing. It can mean more time with the grandchildren, more time to travel to those places they didn’t see when they were younger and more time to trying to leave a mark on the world.

But, there’s another side to longer life expectancy; the inevitable decline in health your clients probably believed would never happen to them.

For at least 70 percent of Americans, it’s the painful reality that longer life eventually leads to long-term care for themselves, a spouse or another family member. It’s the part of life that your clients likely are the most unprepared for. A recent survey by The Nationwide Retirement Institute showed respondents underestimated the cost of long-term care by more than half of the real cost for a nursing home stay (the survey also showed that 61 percent of older Americans would rather die that live in a nursing home).

This makes it critical that you talk to your clients about the financial and emotion issues around this subject. Here are three aspects of long-term care that can help your clients think about when they and their loved ones might need it and what to do about when they do:

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