The Good News, The Bad News, The Earnings Story Continues

By Christopher Skinner via

The Good News, Bad News Earnings Story Continues

As we called out in last week’s Monday Morning Kickoff, the ensuing week was one of the busiest we’ve seen in some time given the velocity of corporate earnings, the start of the month economic data, the Fed’s May FOMC meeting and the now what can only be called the usual “unusual” happenings in Washington. All of that even before we yesterday’s French elections and the latest pertaining to the oil markets, which saw oil prices fall to the lowest level since before the OPEC-led production cuts last week. Quite the fire hose to be drinking from.

As we enter what will hopefully be a slower week at least from a data point of view, today we’ll break it all down and decipher what it means for the stock market, so keep reading . . . we wouldn’t want to spoil it up front, but don’t worry we’re not going to make you sift through the end credits for the answer like we hear is the case with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

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