For College-Bound Seniors, a Little Money Advice Goes a Long Way

By Lauren McCarron via

Your clients deserve a gold star: they made it though their child’s high school years! Of course, even if they’ve saved well for the next four years, their (almost) adult kids are likely to need some financial guidance, and chances are that the very last people they want to hear it from are Mom and Dad.

With high school graduation just around the corner, now is the perfect time to act as a trusted advisor to the whole family by sharing your own words of financial wisdom. By giving them tools to take control of their money even before they head off to the freshmen dorms, you can help them take the first steps toward smart financial planning to be sure their finances are in great shape when their next graduation day rolls around.

Tuck these five tips into the perfect graduation card and you’re likely to make Mom and Dad happy, and help send their new undergrad off (and out) on the right foot:

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