Worried About Wealth Transfer? It's Time for the Human Touch

By Laura McCarron via Iris.xyz

When my husband and I got engaged a few years ago, we were both well into our careers, and we each had our own financial advisor. It wasn’t surprising that both advisors reached out to us, but their approaches were as different as night and day.

I stumbled on the letter from my husband’s advisor almost by accident. Jumbled in with the junk mail, his mailer looked a lot like yet another offer for a new credit card—complete with the “insert name here” format. The form letter congratulated him on his “happy life event” and included a bulleted laundry list of generic action items (draft new wills, review your investment accounts, consolidate your budget), and even presumed that we would choose to move my assets to his firm: “I’ll go ahead and put the transfer papers together to begin the process of adding your fiancée’s accounts.” He didn’t even call me by name. I was stunned. Could his letter have been any less personal… or any more presumptuous?

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