Should Women Even Be a Target Market?

By Megan Carpenter via

You’ve seen the stats. Women already control most of the wealth in America, and our share is only going up

  1. Boomer women have started inheriting their husbands’ assets. Millennial women are outpacing men in academic achievement
  2. So, if you’re an advisor looking to ramp up growth, it makes sense to target women as clients, right?


If you’re a guy, turn this around for a moment. Imagine you get a phone call from some other kind of professional advisor you might consider hiring—say, an attorney, or a CPA, or a small business IT consultant. The voice on the phone explains the offering, and then tells you, “I think you’ll definitely like our tech support, because we specialize in serving male advisors.” What does that even mean? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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