Market Keeping You up at Night? Look for the Right Hedge

By Adam Patti via

Like so many others in the industry, I was wrong.

For years, I was certain that the bull market was nearing its end. I thought the market was over-extended, and that, surely, the wild equities run was coming to an end. But everyone else was bullish, and perhaps rightfully so. And while I’ve watched equities continue on their spectacular rise, I do think now is the time (really!) to put a hedge in place. Here’s why. Here’s how.

Why hedge now?

The bull market has been great. I get it. It’s been the perfect antidote to the Great Recession, and there’s not an investor out there who wouldn’t love to see it go on forever. But the fact is that no one knows when it’s going to turn. And mark my words: it will turn! What will cause that shift is anyone’s guess, but my sense is that it won’t take much to scare people and push them to start selling. The market has been buoyed up ever since the November election.

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