Listen to the Market or Get out While You Can

By Tony Vidler via

“Two Ears but only one mouth”blah blah blah…sales training 101, right?

We know how important it is to “listen” to clients, and we know the danger of losing touch with what they want and what they are thinking. Every single professional has lost good clients at some point simply because the clients felt we weren’t really listening to them….or we listened but didn’t actually pay attention to the real message being delivered.

So we all know the danger of not listening to clients.  We all know that when we are with clients we need to listen to what they say, but far more importantly we need to really listen to what they do not say out loud.  We know that if we don’t they will leave.

blah blah blah……everyone’s got that.

But do you listen to the market?

The market?

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