Keep Your Hands Inside the Coaster

By SNW Asset Management via

There were a lot of scary market moving events over the last few weeks. Rising tension in North Korea, bombings in Syria and Afghanistan, not to mention elections in France and newly scheduled elections in the UK. Even the U.S. political agenda is impacting the markets.

The latest is the talk of the potential government shutdown as we hit the debt ceiling, while the markets are all still processing what the failure to pass health care legislation will mean for tax reform and stimulus spending. This roller coaster rode gold up to $1,289 per ounce and the interest rate on the ten-year treasury down to 2.17%. The S&P was off close to 3% at one point from its recent highs in the beginning of March.

Funny thing about roller coasters: they can give you quite the scare, but you end up in the same place you started.

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