Don't Ignore This Powerful Financial-Planning Tool

By Ash Ahluwalia via

Anticipating compliance needs and delivering on them in a timely manner can be a complicated process for ETF issuers, especially once you start factoring in your unique marketing goals for repurposing earned media coverage. Balancing all facets of compliance approval isn’t a one-man show. Instead, a proactive marketing strategy and dedicated content team is required to manage the process successfully.

Here are five tactics to consider when developing and implementing a content marketing plan that will allow you to get more mileage out of your media exposure with less hassle.

1. Plan ahead. Create a content calendar of upcoming ideas that have the potential to result in media coverage. This is a good way to stay organized, and having those topics determined in advance provides extra time to draft relevant social media posts, press releases and other marketing materials. The sooner you draft these items, the sooner you can submit for compliance review. This increases your chances of receiving approval in a timely fashion to push out content overlapping with the news peg you are targeting.

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