Curiosity: Your Most Powerful Tool in Business Development

By Andrew Sobel via

In the 1987 movie Wall Street, Charlie Sheen plays a young, ambitious broker named Bud Fox. He goes to see Gordon Gekko, a renowned financier–played by Michael Douglas—to pitch him stock ideas. At every turn, Gekko rebuffs him, telling him his ideas are either old news or just plain bad. Rejecting his final idea, Gekko says, “Not bad for a quant, but a dog with different fleas. Come on, tell me something I don’t know. It’s my birthday, pal, surprise me.” He’s bored.

At this point, desperate, Bud changes gears. He blurts out, “Bluestar Airlines,” adding, “They just got a favorable ruling on a lawsuit. Even the plaintiffs don’t know.”

Suddenly, he’s got Gekko’s attention. Gekko has gone, in an instant, from bored to…well, curious.

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