5 Crucial "Money Facts" That Could Potentially Increase Your Return

By Scott Krase via Iris.xyz

5 Crucial “Money Facts” For Zeroing In On The Cost Saving Ideas That Could Potentially Increase Your Returns….

….And Ditching The Time Wasting and Expensive Money Wasting Products Before Your Next Statement Arrives….

Are You Using Mutual Funds?

It’s been my experience that investors don’t want to give themselves a raise and lower their costs.  Why?  Well here are the 5 Crucial Money Facts to help explain:

Money Fact #1: ETFs Have Liquidity & Mutual Funds Don’t

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) trade intraday, they are “exchange traded”, just like stocks. You can buy or sell throughout the day when the market is open.

  • Mutual Funds do not trade during the day and the buy or sell of shares only happens once per day, at the end of the trading day, after the markets close.

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