The ONE Thing That Could Lose More Than 50% of Your Clients

By Tony Vidler via

For just about any practitioner to lose 56% of their clients in a year would be a disaster.  It is enough to jeopardise a practice entirely of course, but even in a best case scenario it will hurt horribly, and for quite a long time.

It is a very real possibility too, especially if you are dealing at the top end of the market, because there is one area where they have a rapidly shifting expectation. The high net worth or affluent who are most discerning and who have the most options are ready to walk away if expectations are not met, and their expectations in digital engagement are very high.

The 56% I am referring to is the result of some research done by Capgemini and summarised in their World Wealth Report 2016. While the report is itself a wealth of useful information for practitioners there were 2 numbers which kept standing out: 56%, and 100%.

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