Starting a Financial Future in Your 30s

By Tony Vidler via

For many young adults, the 30’s are the decade when real adulthood takes over. It’s the decade of family. It’s typical at this stage to be parenting young children, getting well-established in careers, and managing responsibilities like buying a home.

Especially for two-income couples, the money coming in may well be at a level that ought to feel like prosperity. Yet with a mortgage, daycare, possibly student loan payments, and the boatload of other obligations that come with a growing family, money might well be flowing out at a rate that feels more like panic instead.

If you’re at this stage of life, then, the last thing you probably want to hear is that you absolutely need to be saving and investing. Coping with the financial needs of the present may be overwhelming enough without being expected to think about the future as well.

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