Current top country weights include U.S. 57.9%, Japan 8.3%, U.K. 6.5%, Canada 3.4%, France 3.3%, Switzerland 3.3%, Germany 3.0%, Australia 2.2%, China 1.9% and South Korea 1.5%>

Underlying components may be comprised of Common stocks, REITs, tracking stocks, and holding companies are eligible for inclusion. ADRs, GDRs and EDRs are excluded, as are limited partnerships, limited liability companies, royalty trusts, Business Development Companies (BDCs) and companies that are not incorporated and headquartered in the United States.

Current top company weights include Apple 1.8%, Microsoft 1.3%, Alphabet 1.0%, Exxon Mobile 0.9% and Amazon 0.9%. Sector components include financials 17.9%, tech 15.7%, consumer discretionary 11.9%, health care 11.7%, industrials 11.5%, consumer staples 9.7%, energy 6.5%, materials 5.2%, telecom 3.4%, utilities 3.3% and real estate 3.2%.

XMX’s underlying index also shows a 2.36% dividend yield.

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