Take the Mystery out of Smart Beta ETFs

By Nasdaq Global Indexes via Iris.xyz

While no one dressed up like an ETF this Halloween (at least not in my neighborhood), those of us in the finance industry know that ETFs are quite the rage these days.

Not only has the AUM in exchange-traded funds doubled in the past three years alone, jumping from $1 trillion in 2012 to more than $2 trillion in 2015, but according to Morningstar, more than 260 new ETFs have been introduced in just the past 12 months.

And while the low costs and high tax efficiencies of ETFs have been lauded in the industry, Smart Beta ETFs seem to remain a mystery to many. In fact, when we surveyed 175 RIAs at last month’s Nasdaq Smart Beta Symposium, we discovered some facts that were even more alarming than even the scariest Halloween haunt.

Here are the facts:

The majority of investors are in the dark when it comes to Smart Beta ETFs.

Survey responses showed that less than 2% of clients are asking for Smart Beta ETFs. That means that more than 98% of clients either don’t understand the value of a Smart Beta ETF—or they simply don’t know they exist. Either way, it’s up to advisors to educate investors so they understand when, why, and how to incorporate these funds into an overall investment strategy.

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