OK, that was pretty easy. It’s now the first quarter. The game is moving kind of slowly, and the commercials are coming fast and furious. Here’s another quickie you can accomplish during commercials and those interminable reviews and replays.

3. Assemble and review your debt.

This means your credit cards, auto loans, school loans and mortgage. Create a spreadsheet or list of all your debt, interest rates, monthly due dates and monthly payments.

Great, you’re moving forward. You’ve assessed an important part of your financial life. At the next time-out, examine whether you’re paying more interest than is reasonable or are carrying more debt than is comfortable. Maybe it’s time to refinance your mortgage or pay off a lingering credit card balance. Getting a handle on your debt situation is really important, but it tends to get lost in our thinking. If you have little or no debt, well then, help yourself to some nachos and guacamole!

As the first quarter comes to a close you have a bit of time before the action resumes. Grab your check register or online account and begin to review some possible deductible expenses to get ready for year-end.

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