I will be speaking at the event this year, which takes place in New York on Sept. 29. To find out more about the show, we caught up with Lydon to hear his expectations for the conference as well as his take on various trends reshaping the landscape.

Why did you create ETF Boot Camp and what do you hope attendees get out of it?

Lydon: Even with $2.3 trillion in ETFs, this industry continues to grow. Since we launched our site, ETF Trends, in 2005, we’ve been fortunate to be a beneficiary of the growing ETF ecosystem. But with that, we’re also a source for many people who are in the business and those trying to get in. Because the ETF landscape is changing all the time, we felt that there was a huge need not to market ETFs, but more importantly to take a microscope and look inside the ecosystem once a year to understand everything that’s going on regarding the regulatory world, trading and liquidity, exchanges, marketing, public relations and new investment ideas. ETF Boot Camp is not just for people who are thinking of getting into the business, it’s also for established players and issuers. These people are so busy in their everyday lives that they don’t always have a chance to really check in and see all the internal structural changes and evolutions that are going on.

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