Navigating Exchange Traded Funds With ETF Boot Camp's Tom Lydon

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By Joe Anthony

The exchange-traded fund arena has blossomed in recent years into a diverse investment industry with avenues extending to nearly every nook and cranny of the market.

What was once known as a niche product set has proliferated so greatly that Fidelity, John Hancock and other industry behemoths have not only tested the waters, but cannonballed into the ETF pool.

As these waves ripple through the rest of the industry, ETF issuers, exchanges and financial advisers must find their footing in the constantly shifting landscape. Fortunately, there is help along the way.

Tom Lydon, editor and publisher of ETF Trends, puts on an event each year to help make sense of all the ETF industry’s moving parts. The show, known as ETF Boot Camp, has evolved into a resource for those looking to break into the arena, as well as seasoned veterans hoping to get back up to speed.