In addition to hosting a recurring financial round table, I recommend having a budget in place and a plan for saving as a couple. Even if your idea of saving and your contributions may be different from your partner’s, putting a plan together on how to budget your expenses and save toward common goals can minimize misunderstandings and, in turn, conflicts over money.

Creating a family budget starts with aggregating your revenues and writing down every possible expense, including a line item for savings, allowing for miscellaneous items that may come up unexpectedly. It doesn’t matter if you are allocating $10 or $1,000 to savings monthly as a start—the important thing is that you’re saving and growing those contributions together.

Also, if you have big plans ahead, such as a new baby, a trip, or continued education, you can create an additional savings account with that purpose in mind. That way you won’t be dipping into your core savings and maximize the interest on those funds.

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