What should you consider?

Many advisors rely on Salesforce, but we think its interface can be clunky and hard to navigate. Many newer CRMs focus on easy-to-use, streamlined features. We recommend you check out:

Financial Planning

What is it?

Financial planning software helps advisors create appropriate investment and retirement plans for clients. This software can be used directly with clients to demonstrate plan comparisons and options. Because of this, financial planning software can enhance your engagement with clients. Features like cash-flow projections, volatility measurements, and tax-planning will equip you best serve clients.

Do you need it?

As an advisor, you have to consider investments, insurance, taxes, retirement, budgeting, and college funding. This can become quite complex. This is why a  software which automates the planning process can be beneficial. Financial planning software does an awesome job of compiling a client’s complete financial picture, making it an invaluable tool for many advisors. In layman’s terms, if you offer financial planning services, you need financial planning software.

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