Additionally, IMED will track companies providing new solutions and technology to the health care and medical industries.

“IMED concentrates on three technology-driven facets of the expanding healthcare field, namely Healthcare Informatics, Medical Instruments and Medical Devices,” according to PureFunds. “Together, these market segments aim for a more informed, technology-focused standard of care, coupling improved patient outcomes with service cost compression.”

The healthtech ETF’s components are engaged in healthcare informatics, medical instruments and medical appliances. The fund may provide exposure to an innovative market that is in its nascent stages of growth.

“We believe that we are in the early phases of the era of convergence in the broader healthcare technology segment and on the cusp of transformative solutions coming to market,” Chanin said. “As an example, the next phases of healthcare informatics will leverage areas as diverse as nanotechnologies, advanced sensors, predictive big data analytics, cloud computing and virtual reality to bring about yet another paradigm shift to cut costs and boost operational efficiencies”

IMED’s sub-industry exposure include 36.6% medical devices, 28.3% medical instruments, 13.0% health information and 11.0% diagnostics & research.

The ETF also includes a large international weight, with 9.5% Japan, 5.0% Germany, 4.2% U.K., 3.7% Ireland, 3.5% Sweden, along with 55.4% U.S.

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