Fear Keeps Millennials on Investing Sidelines

Note: This article is courtesy of Iris.xyz

By Brad Sherman

Millennials are nervous about investing. Recent surveys have shown that 70% of millennials keep their savings in cash rather than invest it in the stock market.

But by not investing early on, these people in their 20s and early 30s miss out on the key advantage they have at a young age: time. Because your investment returns are compounded, the earlier you start investing the more — and longer — will the returns add up, ultimately leaving you with more money in the bank.

So what are millennials waiting for? Many of the concerns holding them back from the market boil down to a lack of information about investing. Some of the most common fears are:

‘I have no idea where to start’

Many potential young investors have no idea where to start even if they wanted to buy just one stock. And then they don’t know how to choose which stock or fund to invest in. Since most people don’t get personal finance education as part of their schooling, investing can seem enormously daunting and precarious.

A little online research can demystify many of the basic investing concepts, such as how compounded interest works, how patience can be beneficial, and how to not overreact to temporary dips in the market. Working with a financial advisor to develop a plan and ease into an investing strategy also can help reduce your stress and anxiety about entering the stock market.

‘I haven’t even paid off my loans — I can’t start saving’

Concern about debt, particularly student loans, is understandable and widespread among millennials. Student loan borrowers have an average debt of almost $30,000 for undergraduate loans. The question of whether to pay off student loan debt more aggressively or use the extra money to start saving is a tough one because people don’t have the same financial situations. Your debt, cash flow and spending circumstances are unique and will require a plan that’s customized to you.

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