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By Robert Brown

I have a question for you: Are you an authority?

You know, I bet you are.

I bet the way that you take care of the unique set of clients that you work with makes you an authority. It makes you referable.

But the truth is, most advisers don’t have anything that helps them express that authority.

And then they’ll come to me and say, “Rob, I get a fair number of referrals, but I can’t convince the referrals to meet with me.”

“I can’t prove to them that meeting with me is going to be any different than meeting with any other advisor or their current advisor.”

And then I ask…

“How are you relaying your authority?”

Are you just relying on the fact that you got a referral?

I mean, that’s a great foot in the door, and that’s the way, frankly, that you get most of your best new clients: through referrals.

But they’re stronger, they’re faster, and they’re more meaningful…

When you can transfer the value and the authority that you give to your current clients to that referral as quickly as possible.

And it doesn’t have to be all that difficult, but it’s not sending them a silly brochure.

It’s not sending them to your firm’s website that you’re embarrassed by.

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