7 Reasons Financial Advisors Struggle to Attract Leads

Achieving credibility is a seasoned advisor’s rite of passage. Credibility is earned each and every day. Credibility is daily proof you know more, care more, give more and will do more for your audience.  It’s why marketing is so important because marketing, specifically digital marketing, can help you ooze credibility and outshine other financial advisors – your competitors.

3 – All “ASK”, No “GIVE”

“Contact me today for a free, no obligation, financial consultation” has to be the least effective call-to-action ever and yet it’s the most prevalent on most advisors websites. It may be appropriate and well intentioned but it simply isn’t effective.

On my company website, TactiBrand.com, I get 4-6 form submissions a year. In contrast, I get 2,000+ downloads of my papers. I get thousands who read my blog posts every month and who also listen to my podcasts, Mod Marketing. I get most of my inquiries via LinkedIn messages.

The value of my content drives my ability to generate leads. I tend to “give” way more then I “ask”. Even when I’m asking it’s usually to get advisors to show up somewhere so I can give.

The same holds true for financial advisors.  Advisors who have lots to give have a significant advantage over their peers. In addition, this advantage will multiply once fee transparency is in effect. The trouble for most advisors isn’t that they don’t get this concept, most do. The problem is that most advisors don’t have a process or the time to produce the content they know they need.

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