Ouch! How to Avoid the Hot Coals of Your Money Decisions

Note: This article is courtesy of Iris.xyz

By Michael Kay

“More than 30 people burned in Tony Robbins’ hot-coals walk” Associated Press headline June 24, 2016

“Mama says, stupid is as stupid does!” Forest Gump

We are gullible folk. Apparently we can be talked into almost anything, especially if you package it up real nice and surround it with a healthy dose of PR spin. It’s why we do dopey things like walk bare footed on hot coals or pay hefty prices for programs that are mostly smoke and mirrors. We want to prove to ourselves (and others) that we are smart, successful and in-the-know.

But here’s the thing: there are two, sometimes opposing, forces going on in your brain. Your emotional brain and your intellectual brain—you know, the feeling part vs the knowing part. Adding one more dash of confusion to the mixture is your hardwired opinion of the “rightness” of your decision-making. You obviously believe that you’re making the right decision for the right reason—otherwise, you wouldn’t do it. The problem is just because you believe something is true doesn’t make it so.