How the World's Preeminent Large-Cap Growth Index Has Changed

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By: Rob Hughes, Head of Index & Advisor Solutions, Nasdaq Global Information Services

Perceptions can be hard to change. Sometimes we think we know something based on the way it used to be, but in reality, our perceptions might be rooted in outdated facts and information.

Whether you’re talking about someone you knew 30 years ago (who wants to be judged for what they did in high school?) or something that seems much less subjective like a famous index  — when you’re known for being a certain way, it can be hard to make a new impression.

In much the same way, the Nasdaq-100 — today’s leading global large-cap growth index1 — can be stuck in outdated perceptions. The Nasdaq-100 provides exposure to the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on Nasdaq , and while many still think of it as a tech-focused or even tech-exclusive index, that’s far from today’s reality.