Senior Clients Need More Income? This Hidden Treasure May Be the Solution | ETF Trends

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By Michael Freedman

In 2011, a man arrived at the Tulsa Convention Center in Oklahoma with five carved cups to see how much they might be worth. Whether they’d been hidden away in his grandmother’s attic for decades or on proud display for decades, no one knows. But that Saturday morning, he was quite surprised to learn that the set, made from rhinoceros horn, was valued at more than $1 million, the highest evaluation in the history of PBS’s “Antiques Roadshow.” If only we could all be so lucky!

As an advisor, your goal is to help every one of your clients achieve their financial goals. While that rarely (if ever) includes sifting through old attic treasures, you have a handful of strategies and a variety of assets to help your clients grow their nest eggs to support a long, happy, and (hopefully) well-funded retirement. But with traditional retirement now lasting as many as 20 to 30 years, that’s not an easy task. Especially as baby boomers enter a highly publicized retirement crisis.