Schwab Ads Place Clients and Fiduciaries Front And Center | ETF Trends

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By Kathleen McBride

Finally, ads that put investors and independent registered investment advisers in their place.

Front and Center.

Schwab has a powerful set of ads featuring independent, objective, fiduciary advice in the investor’s best interest. Schwab executive Susan Forman told InvestmentNews: “This campaign is, in part, an effort to break through the confusion that exists among many investors about the difference between traditional advice models and the independent financial adviser,” according to the article.

It looks like a terrific campaign by Schwab, and one that will go mainstream, like John Oliver’s video about his firm’s experience with a 401(k). The 21 minute video already has 3.3 MILLION views!

Fiduciary advice is going mainstream and this is historically great for investors. It will enable retirement investors to accumulate much, much more in their nest eggs without having non-fiduciaries siphon off easily half, or two-thirds as the video notes, of retirees’ hard-earned savings.