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By Sara Grillo

Today I pondered why the Kardashians are printing more money than the US Treasury Department. Even during the world’s worst recession when everyone was broke, people were buying everything that they sold. And their products are marginal. And why is it that despite every aspect of their family being a train wreck, they still have a TV show – and it’s on its gazillionth season?

Well, here’s why. Aside from being very attractive people (artificially or not, let’s face it, they are great to look at which matters if you want people to pay attention to you), they are probably in the top 1% of salespeople. They’re world class marketers. Just look at Kim. She has succeeded in breaking the Internet on more than one occasion (regardless of the classless way she did it, she did it), and she gets more than half the world on a daily basis to pay attention to her bottom. Men, women, everyone, they all fall for it.

If you look at how she dresses and how she acts, it’s all about directing attention to her bottom. Her ability to captivate the world using that one body part has earned her more money than the US Treasury Department is printing.

Moreover, like all great sellers, they’re able to put a positive spin on everything. Every single thing that happens in that family is a disaster, but yet we still tune in for the divorces, the gender changes, the fights. They’re somehow able to make us intrigued and compel us to stay tuned for more.

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