How the ETF Marketplace Continues to Innovate

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By BNY Mellon

New product innovations are driving the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) marketplace and offering investors access to new markets and asset classes. Steve Cook, Managing Director and  Business Executive, Structured Product Services, at BNY Mellon discusses these new market and products trends.

“Certainly in areas that we’re looking at are multiple-asset portfolios, so funds that will offer through a single investment the ability for an investor to gain access to fixed income, emerging market, commodities, and other asset classes all wrapped in one ETF exposure. We also see unique asset classes coming to market with ETFs, certainly, Bitcoin, and Blockchain technology is something that we’re actively working on and looking at. We also see the opportunity for a better mix of fixed income securities in ETFs, although it was a trend that took place for a few years, it tapered off as threats of interest rate rises came into market, so we do see a number of different areas of focus as we look out for the ETF marketplace to continue to innovate.”

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