8 Technologies Revolutionizing the Advisor Space | ETF Trends

Note: This article is courtesy of Iris.xyz

By Carolyn Rose Kick

1. Marketing: PreciseFP Financial Personalities

PreciseFP’s Financial Personalities is changing the way prospects interact with your website. This software allows you to install a link to a financial personality quiz on your website. Your website visitors can take the self-discovery quiz which is interactive, engaging, and covers many hot button financial planning issues.

Visitors who complete the quiz will receive a financial personality profile based on their responses. The major aim of Financial Personalities is to make website visitors (potential prospects) feel heard, understood, and more likely to schedule an appointment.

Website visitors will be prompted to enter their email or schedule an appointment to receive a complete download of their financial profile, which increases your odds of converting a website visitor into a prospect. PreciseFP estimates that Financial Personalities increases your ability to convert a prospect into client by 9% on average.

Financial Personalities recognizes the increasingly important role online presence plays in an advisor’s ability to attract and secure new clients.

2. Portfolio Management/Reporting: Atlas-X

Atlas-X is transforming the way your firm thinks about and uses technology. Rather than sorting through dozens of technology solutions, why not implement one end-to-end solution?