Ask yourself: is there technical support if I need it? Technical support should be a key consideration in implementing any technology solution. Most likely you will not have a team member dedicated to implementing and managing this new solution. This means ensuring that the product you’re considering provides a smooth onboarding process and adequate training for your employees is important. You’ll also want to make sure that the solution you’re considering provides continued service support after the onboarding process is complete. Great quality technology has equally great technical support to back it up!


Next, it’s important to consider if the product’s interface is easy to navigate. No one wants to spend extra time navigating a clunky, confusing interface. Luckily, advisor tech solutions nowadays have come a long way, and many options (including all of our top-picks), include a simple, easy-to-use interface.


Finally, consider how this piece of technology can help your firm reach long-term goals. All premium technology solutions come at a price, but each solution has the capacity to add value to your business by increasing efficiency. Some questions to consider include:

  • What are my goals for my firm, both long-term and short-term?
  • What are some inefficient areas of my firm?
  • Will this solution help my firm become more efficient?
  • How does the cost of this solution fit into my overall budget? Will implementing this solution reduce costs in another area?
  • What is the opportunity cost to me if I choose not to invest in this solution?

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