“Business as Usual” Simply Isn’t Winning Any More

I know. I know. Your clients are risk-averse—especially the ones with the greatest assets. But while the oldest set may stay put with steady but less-than-stellar performance from their portfolios, younger clients who will drive your business in a decade won’t.

The good news: there’s a simple way to enhance performance without increasing risk. It has nothing to do with timing the market, and everything to do with leveraging the basic laws of physics—and baseball—to deliver a level of performance that helps you provide greater value to your clients and earn your keep—even when facing a robo-competitor that promises to rebalance and reallocate on a dime at little or no cost.

We’ve all seen pitchers getting swapped out of a great game of baseball. Your home-team pitcher opened with a strong arm, struck out a stream of hitters, and allowed only a single run. Sure, he walked a guy…or two, but it’s the top of the fourth and he looks like he’s still doing great. So you’re surprised to see the coach walk to the mound, say a few words and, for no obvious reason, send the winning pitcher to the dugout as a replacement heads in from the bullpen. But why the change, you wonder? Everything seemed to be going great.

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