BlackRock Reveals ETF Managed Portfolio Assets Much Larger Than Expected

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By Tom Lydon

The exchange traded fund (ETF) managed portfolio segment could help provide the next growth spurt in the ETF industry as multi-asset managers increase adoption of ETFs, according to a BlackRock report.

I met with Daniel Gamba, Head of iShares U.S. Institutional Business at BlackRock, in April during the Nasdaq closing bell ringing. He shared the results on their recent research regarding ETF Managed Portfolio assets and prospects for future growth.

BlackRock interviewed multi-asset managers at over 40 asset management firms, which included asset managers, boutique asset managers, investment officers/consultants and retail insurers, and found that ETF managed portfolios and multi-asset strategies make up a much larger, and faster growing part of the asset management industry than previously believed.

They found that ETF managed portfolios now hold about $350 billion in assets globally, including $60 billion in separately managed accounts of retail model portfolios, and $290 billion in variable insurance trusts, mutual funds, collective trust funds, institutional separate accounts and UCITS.

Looking ahead, BlackRock projects that ETF managed portfolios could double to over $700 billion by 2020 as institutional investors increase allocations to these strategies.

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