Winning Comes From Being Just 1% Better

He went on to explain that perfection in how they played was never expected.  Winning any particular game was not the team focus either. Hoping for superhuman effort or heroics didn’t come into the equation at any time, and nor did relying on good fortune.

Each player in this champion team did know however precisely what the key functions of their role was, and each honed their skills relentlessly in being able to execute their own particular job just a little bit better than whoever they were pitted against.

In simple terms this meant jumping to catch a ball for example didn’t require a 2 metre leap…it just required being 2 inches higher than the opposition player trying to catch the same ball. Getting two hands near the ball to catch it wasn’t good enough; it required 10 fingers on the ball.

The point is a simple one: if we are 1% better in skill and execution on the things that really matter than our competition are, then we are a very very good chance of getting the result.

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