By Tony Vidler

As a consumer, a user of professional services myself, I’m tired of hearing from people they should be trusted just because they are labelled professionals.

Recently, and for only about the zillionth time, I asked “the question” that I always ask professionals, and got “the answer” that I pretty much always get back.  This time though, I WAS the militant consumer, and responded accordingly.

Picture the scene:  I am seeking professional advice; and am a begrudging consumer.

Begrudging because this is dealing with the medical world, where you don’t actually get to choose your professional, and I didn’t want to be there at all.  I am, in these circumstances, the very definition of “militant consumer.”

That militancy is influenced (for me at least) by the perception that in the medical world the professionals seem to choose amongst themselves to determine who the most appropriate professional is, and do so on the basis of some sort of roster of who is due for the next new Mercedes.

However, I digress…

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