Help Millennials Solve Their Problems Now, Create Clients for Life

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By Nicole Anglace

Don’t overlook Millennials as clients. There are several factors that make Millennials desirable:

  • We have debt (think student loans)
  • We will soon be entering the prime of our careers
  • We want to build credit
  • We want that fancy house with the nice yard
  • We want to travel
  • Many of us want to get married

Millennials make up the future of the workforce. However, it is a common perception that we lack sufficient finances and our financial issues aren’t complex. Some industry experts feel that Millennials are not yet attractive clients for independent financial advisors because issues faced by Millennials are not complex enough to be worth such a professional’s time.

However, I disagree. Instead of being hindrances, I think that Millennial financial issues actually represent reasons why Millennials both need help and should not be overlooked as a potential client base.

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