The Reality For Investors After Riding Six-Year Bull Market

The market has been on a wild ride lately, which has provided a wake-up call for investors who rode the six-year bull market — and its low volatility — without a care in the world. Now reality has set in.

As with all market corrections, this one has inspired retail investors to question whether it’s time to pull money out, shift to safer and more stable investments or just throw in the towel entirely.

While it is normal to feel anxiety during a downturn, there’s another way to look at it. As long as downturns and dips don’t affect your financial plan or, more specifically, your immediate need for cash, they can be an opportunity.

Remember the mantra “buy low and sell high”? The volatility, geopolitical risk and uncertainty we’ve experienced so far in 2016 have presented a particular opportunity for investors in the accumulation stage of their lives, or for anyone who has money but hasn’t started investing yet, to actually buy low (or at least lower).

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