Global ETFs Attracting Record Inflows | ETF Trends

The global exchange traded fund industry continued to enjoy record inflows over 2015 despite a tumultuous year for the markets.

According to ETFGI data, the global exchange traded products industry, which includes both ETFs and exchange traded notes, gathered a record $372.0 billion in net inflows over 2015, or a 10% increase over the prior record of $338.3 billion in new inflows for 2014.

The ETP industry has been accumulating net inflows for the 23 consecutive months in December, which was also the best month for asset gather last year with $55.0 billion in new assets. Total assets under management have increased to $2.992 trillion from $2.784 trillion in 2015.

Along with asset growth, the ETP universe has been quickly expanding its number of fund offerings. In 2015, the number of ETPs increased to 6,146 from 5,550, and the number of listings expanded from 11,750 to 10,771. Meanwhile, the number of providers rose to 276 from 239 as more money managers try to jump on the ETF bandwagon, notable entrants include prominent mutual fund providers like Goldman Sachs and John Hancock.

The growth in the ETF space continued despite the sell-off in equities, with the stock markets more or less flat for the year.

“2015 was a turbulent year for the markets due to uncertainty in China which spilled over into global markets, concerns about the Middle East and a collapse in energy prices,” Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner of ETFGI, said in a press release. “The S&P 500 ended the year up 1%, emerging markets declined 14% on the heels of a stronger U.S. dollar and commodity price declines. Developed markets ended the year down 1% after recovering some losses in the fourth quarter.”