Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are set to launch a bitcoin exchange that could help stimulate demand for the cryptocurrency among institutional investors ahead of a potential bitcoin exchange traded fund.

The New York State Department of Financial Services granted a charter to the Gemini, which will allow the charter to operate as a trust bank and as a regulated financial services institution, reports Phillip Stafford for the Financial Times.

The exchange will act as a way for investors who want to trade bitcoins and have it linked with a normal bank account. The Winklevoss twins see this as an opportunity to court institutional investors.

“Even though this path was more costly and time-consuming, it was necessary to fulfill our goal of serving institutional customers,” Cameron Winklevoss, president of Gemini, told the Financial Times.

“Our plan for it is to be a like a Nasdaq for bitcoin,” Tyler Winklevoss previously told ETF Trends. “People can go to it and buy and sell bitcoin like they go to Nasdaq to buy and sell a security.”

The new Gemini Trust Co. would create a stable and reliable way to trade bitcoins, which could attract institutional investors.

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